Writing Projects


I have some original stories that are in the outline stage.


Yes. I write fanfic and totally understand any reaction to that.

My Little Pony

No self-respecting brony gets through the fandom without writing at least one.

Night Flight

  • This was in response to a timed story prompt about what it’s like to fly, so naturally I approached it from the perspective of a pegasus pony. I dropped all pretense of character development and tried to explain experiences. It’s very short. I had to write it very quickly.


Ponyfinder is third-party content for the Pathfinder RPG. You guessed it! It adds ponies. But it’s an original setting with (typically speaking) no crossover to MLP, so stories aren’t allowed to be posted to places like Fimfiction. I have way more of these stories than I do MLP stories, but I’ve never had a place to put them. I may actually finish one now!