I’ve spent all day trying to sit and think on how to organize pages and categories into a system for hosting chapters of a story without using a plugin or anything. I think I have something. It’s not going to be the prettiest thing in the world. I’m still poking at custom CSS and permalinks. But WordPress seems to be fairly resilient when I change links, so that’s good…

I’ve also added some lovely breadcrumb navigation to the theme so nobody gets lost! Woo!

The way I have things sorted now is that I have a page for projects. It’s practically unused, but under it are pages for art, programming, and writing. The tough part was how to organize stories under the Writing page. I’ve decided that the Writing page will be an index for all the stories I’ve written, and that each story will have a landing page for synopsis and a table of contents and such. For example, Night Flight’s entry.

The landing page for a story allows for comments if anyone wants to do that. (Likely nobody, but hey.) Each chapter of the story will be yet another page under the landing page. I’ll update the table of contents manually. In the case of Night Flight, there’s only one chapter, so it gets the confusing example of having a single chapter that’s called the name of the story.

So there we go. The structure’s decent. The design style doesn’t impress me. I think I need some special look for actual story text so it’s easier to read, but I can work on that any time now.

Well, I already moved the site. Instead of blog.sandyfortune.com, I settled things into sandyfortune.com for the long haul. I set up the location first and then started filling in the content, and it turns out that there will likely be more than a blog here. I figured I should get the move over with before anyone really starts paying attention.

I’m gonna be honest. I installed Google Analytics. None of that demographics nonsense, but I wanted to have a nice system for tracking popular pages without buying into all the WordPress tools. I’ve thought about posting stories here directly, and for that I’ll need some tracking. I have no idea if there are any plugins for hosting chapter books or anything, but… That’s future Sandy’s problem.

But that’s it. I moved. Time to get back to work on… Something else. I don’t know.

First posts for a new site are always weird for me. I could go into the whole spiel about what this is, and how I’m going to update it regularly, and that you could check back later for exciting news, and blah blah blah… Nope. Gonna keep it quick. If you want to know more, there’s a good ol’ fashioned “About Me” page for you to be scared off by.

But here’s the elevator pitch: I was a web developer. I quit my job over some workplace issues. I have money saved up and part-time jobs lined up for when I run out of money. In the meantime, I’ve become one of those insane people jumping on the VR bandwagon. I bought myself an HTC Vive and a GTX 1070 as an investment in my future of self-employment and indie game development. (I’m also focusing on art and writing.)

There’s the stories of Twitch and YouTube personalities who lost their job and had nothing else to do except stream games, and now it’s their full-time job and they (presumably) love it. That’s the position I’m in. I have a safety net in case it all goes down the drain, but I’m going to give it my all to build games, make art, and write stories on my own terms. I have to be creative or I feel like everything’s meaningless. With the internet and all the free tools available now, I can make this happen.

Hopefully, this blog will be have many posts about what I learn on this adventure.