About Me

I’m gonna warn you up front: I’m crazy. (In a good way. I hope.)

Who are you, exactly?

I’m an unashamed Christian, a libertarian, and a brony. (Yes. I am, in fact, an adult male.) My internet identity is an adventurous, cute, and fluffy pegasus named Sandy Fortune. I believe that best sums up my core personality for now, and if you’re still here after reading that, you’re awesome.

Right before the end of the world in December 2012, I graduated university with degrees in economics and computer information systems, so I have two very expensive pieces of paper to prove I personally got told a bunch of stuff by professors at one point.

I was web developer for a few years after that, but I quit in October 2016 because of some ethical issues with my place of employment. (Seriously.)

What are you doing now?

I’m unemployed, but attempting to focus on independent work while I have some money saved up. I’ve been trying to improve my skills of an artist, and be an author, as well as a game developer. I’ve recently invested in hardware for VR game development, which is why I’ve been prompted to set up this site! Hopefully, I’ll be reporting on all the cool tools I’ve discovered and all the knowledge I’ve gained while being an entertaining read.

This isn’t a personal blog. I dump enough personal stuff on Twitter, I don’t need another spot for that! This is a “professional” blog. It’ll be talking about things in relation to work. I’m sure I’ll talk about games I’ve played, but only in relation to game development. I’ll be talking about art I’ve seen and stories I’ve read, but in relation to applying some technique to my own drawing and writing. And yes, I’ll likely mention ponies at some point, because that’s the art I look at.

Why mention any of this?

Look, I admit coming right out of the gate with, “Hey, I’m a pony!” isn’t the most “professional” thing. But I have a philosophy that I’d love to apply to a serious business environment: “Be yourself.” If I have to hide any part of my personality because it’s “not professional”, then I’m in the wrong field of work. Work should be fun, and when work is fun, I feel better about my job and life in general, and that just makes my work even better. Which makes me feel better. Which makes everything I do that much better. It’s a feedback loop of awesome just by being who I want to be.

I’m silly and embarrassing for the most part, and I completely embrace it. I’m also depressed and angry at times, and I’ll need to rant. I identify with people who do that in professional environments. We still have feelings while we’re working, and we have great days and bad days. I love to read tutorials and documentation written by someone who shamelessly adds humor, even if it’s not “professional”. It makes me feel like I’m dealing with a real person.

So that’s what this site is! It’s me documenting my independent artist/author/developer journey, and I’m going to do it in the most “unprofessional” way possible. Because it’s fun.